The Whirlpool of Misadventures

The Whirlpool of Misadventures: Letters of Robert Paston, First Earl of Yarmouth, 1663-1679 The famous Paston Letters document the rise to wealth and status of a Norfolk family from 1422-1509, and first appeared in print in 1787. The most significant collection of letters detailing the family’s subsequent fortunes is in the Norfolk Record Office and was published in 2012 by the Norfolk Record Society. These letters continue the story from 1663 to 1679: the Pastons were honoured with the lord lieutenancy of Norfolk, a royal marriage and an earldom, but they were also engulfed by a ‘whirlpool of misadventures’ which was to lead to their eventual bankruptcy and extinction. The most important group consists of some 88 letters from Robert Paston (1632-1683), first earl of Yarmouth, principally to his wife. They begin in 1664 on a note of optimism. After the restoration of Charles II, there were many royalists competing