The Norwich Chamberlains’ Accounts 1539-40 to 1544-45

The chamberlains’ accounts of sixteenth-century Norwich are a crucial source of evidence for life in what was then England’s largest provincial city, yet none of them has previously been published in its entirety. The six accounts presented in this volume add significantly to our knowledge of urban finance, government, and culture, while casting a unique light upon Norwich’s topography, infrastructure and buildings, both public and domestic. They document in compelling detail the problems encountered by its ruling elite as they struggled to preserve social cohesion and maintain the urban fabric in the face of religious change, food shortages, warfare and recession.

This volume was supported by the Norwich Freemen’s Charity

Series: Norfolk Record Society

Volume Number: LXXXIII

Year of Publication: 2019

Edited By: Carole Rawcliffe

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English

ISBN-13: 9780995773622

Tags: Accounts, Chamberlain, Government, Norwich, sixteenth-century, Urban Finance