Spring Lecture 2021

(online via Zoom)

On Thursday 25th March 2021 at 7pm.

A double-header, comprising two short talks

The Remarkable Robert Raynbald

Carole Rawcliffe

Now largely forgotten, Robert Raynbald was the most celebrated of Norwich’s chamberlains, serving throughout the turbulent 1540s, when the problems of war, famine, plague and economic recession were compounded by the upheavals of the English Reformation. He master-minded the conversion of the Dominican friary into a public amenity (the Halls) and directed the cleaning-up operations in the aftermath of Kett’s Rebellion.  He modernised the way in which civic officers kept their accounts and was responsible for preserving the medieval records of the Great Hospital, which now have a place on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register as an archive of unique importance in our national heritage.

Another slice of Bacon

Alan Metters

Nathaniel Bacon (c.1546-1622) was a son of Lord Keeper Nicholas Bacon (d.1579) but unlike his father, and his younger and more (in)famous half-brother Francis, he eschewed Court life or serious involvement in national politics, other than as an assiduous member of Parliament, preferring to concentrate on his work as a justice of the peace in Norfolk and on the management of his own estates. His extensive papers, which provide vivid details of his activities in these areas, have been published by the Norfolk Record Society in a series that began in 1979 and is now nearing completion. The next instalment, covering the period 1614-1622, is scheduled to appear in 2023. This talk will serve as a brief introduction to the forthcoming volume.

There will be time available at the end for questions.

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