Competition for the prize is open to either individuals or groups below the age of 25.  There is no lower age limit, although the society would not expect to receive entries from very young school pupils without prior agreement through their teachers.  The quality of the work will be assessed on the basis of its originality and vigour, with due regard to the age(s) of the entrant(s).

Projects may consist of either essays or other prose pieces or project packs and collections of documents with appropriate commentaries, but the essential requirement is that all entries must consist of work done from primary archival sources, which must be fully referenced.  It is anticipated that most entries will be based on topics from community or family history of some kind, but nothing is either specially favoured or excluded as long as archival research has been involved and the topic is academically coherent.

Further advice may be sought from either the Hon. Secretary of the Society or the Education and Outreach Officer at the Norfolk Record Office.

Entries should be submitted via the Education and Outreach Officer of the Norfolk Record Office by 1st October in each calendar year.  All entries should include a title, the name and full address of the individual or group concerned (in the case of groups the names of all those involved must be included, together with the names of any teachers who have provided guidance and assistance), a contents list (as appropriate) and a reference list of all primary and secondary sources consulted.

Entries will be judged by a panel drawn up from the Society and the Norfolk Record Office, and the winner will be notified during the summer following.

The award will be made at the launch event to mark the publication of the Society’s annual volume, usually held in the autumn, and will consist of a presentation copy of the new volume together with a cash prize of £200.

If the adjudicating panel do not consider that work of sufficient quality has been produced in any of the entries submitted, no award will be made for that year.

Prize for Young Researchers Flyer [PDF]